This repository uses Cilium, as replacement for various Kubernetes key elements, like kube-proxy, network-policy, servicelb and traefik.

Chart Provisioning

Due to the intricate nature of its requirements, Cilium is deployed in three steps:

  • Initial provisioning, after the K3s cluster services are started
  • Provisioning, using resources created during initial provisioning
  • Post-install provisioning, using resources created by other provisioning roles

Chart Dependencies

See below the required Cilium dependencies, used into chart configuration.


During chart post-install provisioning, Cilium Hubble is configured to take advantage of CertManager auto-renewed certificates, instead of default Helm expiring certificates. This requires the creation of three resources:


Cilium details the following instructions into their installation steps:

Please make sure that your issuer is able to create certificates under the domain name.

CertManager cannot control a domain not owned by end-user, therefore the above listed Certificate and ClusterIssuer resources are created.

Refer to Cilium documentation, for further details.

Gateway API

Gateway API is an official Kubernetes project, focused on L4 and L7 routing in Kubernetes.

Usage Example

This is an example of Gateway and HTTPRoute resources usage for Longhorn frontend, as replacement for deprecated Ingress resource:

Refer to Cilium documentation, for further details.