The playbook allows the end-user to perform a cluster component upgrade, for example a specific Helm chart with a newly released version.

Refer to the Ansible tutorial, for usage of encrypted variables and files.


Example of playbook execution, using the Ansible Vault global password:

ansible-playbook --ask-vault-pass --tags=helm upgrade.yaml

Ansible Vault global password prompt:

Vault password: my-Gl0bal-Passw0rd


Follow the steps detailed below, prior merging a Renovate dependency branch.

Release Notes

Identify the dependency update generated by Renovate branch and validate into Release Notes if there are any breaking changes introduced by the new release.

Chart related breaking changes are addressed into k3s-cluster repository, sync regularly your forked repository.

Chart Upgrade

Update the local defaults files with the new dependency version and perform a chart upgrade, using the above detailed execution procedure.

GitHub Branch

Upon a successful chart upgrade, merge the Renovate branch into main branch.